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video codec in title

AMV3 Video Codec A simple and very useful video codec
Size: 665 KB
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Codec render video codec video renderer video customizer  
AMV2 video codec This software is high-speed video codec for windows.
Size: 529 MB
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Video Codec pack video codec video renderer  
XviD Video Codec Compress video files to transmit them fast over computer networks.
Size: 871.56K
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transmit transmit image compress video transmit response  
SIF1 video codec SIF1 is a free universal video codec. Its a multimedia compressor/decompressor which registers into Windows collection of multimedia drivers and integrates into any application using DirectShow and M
Size: 1 MB
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Encoder video encoder Codec compressor video codec  
x264 Video Codec A free library for encoding H264/AVC video streams
Size: 1.00 MB
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x264 avc h264 video to h264 video encoding H264 encode  
Video Codec Converter Convert video files between various formats.
Size: 8.69MB
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Converter video conversion convert conversion convert video  

video codec in tags

Cole2k Media Codec Pack Standard A set of media codecs for video and audio encoding and decoding
Size: 8.3 MB
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filter Codec pack Codec Pack video codec audio codec filetr  
Night_Raven Codec Essentials A codec pack supporting only the most basic formats - the minimum needed for viewing standard and distributed films
Size: 3.9 MB
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Codec pack DivX Codec Pack video codec audio codec  
AfreecodecVT AfreecodecVT is a simple tool that will easily determine the Audio and Video codec required to view your video.
Size: 2.78MB
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Video Codec clip video codec search codec codec library  
Media Player Codec Pack Lite This lite codec pack for video and audio playback was created to allow you to fully enjoy your multimedia files.
Size: 6.5 MB
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Encoder filter Codec Codec Pack video codec audio codec  
IPP Codecs Audio/Video codecs plugin for Opal
Size: 44.7 MB
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audio encode Codec Video Plugin video codec audio codec  
Windows Vista codecs pack basic Free codec pack for Windows Vista, all the audio codec Video codecs you need for Windows Vista for free, 32 bit 64 Bit codecs. Windows Vista codec pack is the most complete free codec pack on the we
Size: 14.5 MB
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windows Codec Codec Pack video codec audio codec  

video codec in description

AfreecodecVT AfreecodecVT is a simple tool that will easily determine the Audio and video codec required to view your video. Once the codec or problem is determined; you may easily search for the codec or tool to ...
Size: 2.78MB
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Video Codec clip video codec search codec codec library  
Ut Video Codec Suite Ut video Codec Suite was developed as a powerful and handy tool that manages to provide a lossless video codec for your system. Ut Video Codec Suite was specially designed as a useful multi-platform a...
Size: 243 KB
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Codec Lossless VFW Apple Lossless Audio Codec  
Video Codec Scoring System ViCoS Fully automatic video codec and video processing algorithms quality evaluation system. ViCoS is an advanced system with client-server architecture and relational data base support. It allows robust co...
Size: 6.84 MB
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video server Client-based architecture system architecture  
LEAD H.263 Video Codec 263 codec is designed as a high quality lossy interframe DirectShow and video for Windows. It can be used for a range of applications including video-conferencing, Internet video or survelliance and m...
Size: 1.6 MB
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Encoder Video video encoder Codec directshow filter  
Lookup Codec Information For Video File Software Lookup Codec Information For video File Software offers a solution for users who want to retrieve codec information for video files. AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV and MOV files can all be handled. The user simp...
Size: 3.4 MB
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Lookup video codec audio codec  
LEAD MJPEG2000 Video Codec LEAD MJPEG2000 video codec will save standard JPEG2000 streams. This codec is perfect when high compression and interoperability are necessary. This video codec registers into the Windows collection o...
Size: 1.5 MB
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Video Codec save video codec save stream